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You Should Know Things about Japan that no one told you.

Ladies Day in Tokyo

Sexist? Probably… but who’s complaining? Tokyo can be a mixed bag when it comes to being of the female species, but many institutions offer special discounts at least one day a month for what is typically called Ladies Day. From drinks to movies to sports games to roller coasters, women—and only women—receive VIP treatment in the form of discounts, free gifts or other types of special treatment.
Read on to find out how you or your gal can benefit from these offers, too!

Live Theater in English

What with all the brilliant cable and satellite television, the Tsutayas, the plush movie theater complexes sprouting around the city - not to mention the ease of illegally downloading TV and movies - expats here have little trouble finding entertainment in their mother tongue. However, in the century preceding such blessed electronic ease, plenty of bored Tokyoites came together to put on live entertainment for our communities. And they’re still going. And they are forming more theater companies. In fact, theater in Tokyo is getting very exciting lately