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One of the greatest things about living in Tokyo is that the world is, literally, at your fingertips--especially at the dinner table. In the land where culinary excursions are practically a national hobby, good food is plentiful; you just have to know where to look. Here are some of our recommendations to add to your favorites.
Toriyoshi Image

Toriyoshi (鳥よし)

yakitori (Japanese)
Don't let the price-less menu scare you: each chicken skewer runs from a moderate ¥200 to ¥400, while the other skewers and side dishes follow closely behind. The chef spent over a dozen years in Paris studying French cuisine, and the skills he acquired are assimilated into this traditional Japanese favorite. Not to be confused with the chain of chicken-wing restaurants of the same name. Dinner from around ¥4,000. Menu in Japanese.
Address 2-8-6 Kami-Meguro, Meguro-ku
tel 03-3716-7644
station Station: Naka-Meguro
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Rue Favart Image

Rue Favart

The first floor showcases homemade French pastries and to-go deli items. The second and third stories offer laid-back dining underneath colorful ceilings to patronize solo or avec des acquaintances. The menu has a multitude of drinks, dishes and desserts available from morning to late at night. Recommended: the grilled lamb, third-floor window seating and the four cheese plate (pictured), featuring your choice of cheeses (imported directly from France every week) for only ¥1,050. Budget from around ¥1,000. Menu in Japanese, with some English.
Address 3-28-12 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
tel 03-5421-0688
station Station: Ebisu (JR east exit; metro exit 1)
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Touhachi Image

Touhachi (藤八)

izakaya (Japanese bar and diner)
From the station, walk across the Meguro River and the establishment occupying the large block corner straight ahead will be your destination for a truly authentic izakaya experience. Loud clientele, hundreds of otsumami (おつまみ、appetizers to accompany drinks) to choose from, hot sake, cold beers, and tatami mats... this is the real thing. Recommeded: ginnan (ぎんなん, salted ginko nuts) with a draft beer. Dinner from around ¥3,000. Menu in Japanese.
Address Touhachi Bldg. 1F, 1-3-16 Kami-Meguro, Meguro-ku
tel 03-3710-8729
station Station: Naka-Meguro
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Aux Bacchanales Kioicho Image

Aux Bacchanales Kioicho (オーバカナル 紀尾井町店)

café, boulangerie, brasserie
This authentic replica of a French café open since 1995 is still a Tokyo favorite, with over 70 types of French breads, a dozen tarts, fresh sandwiches and a great atmosphere. They sometimes host special events and fairs, so check online regularly for updates. Menu in French, some English and Japanese.
Address Shin-Kioicho Bldg. 1F, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku
tel 03-5276-3422
station Station: Akasaka-Mitsuke (metro exit D)
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La Campagne Image

La Campagne (ラ カンパーニュ)

wine bar
A casual watering hole with sophisticated French wines by the glass (from ¥600), decanter (from ¥1,600) or bottle (from ¥3,000), and finger foods like mussels with garlic Provence-style (¥400 for two mussels), duck confit (¥1,200), lamb chops (¥500) and wagyu steaks (from ¥1,500), all without breaking the bank. Prior to becoming a wine bar, La Campagne was a full-fledged French countryside cuisine restaurant Evening visit from about ¥3,000. Menu in Japanese.
Address Hosokawa Bldg. 2F, 2-12-8 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku
tel 03-3592-0004
station Station: Akasaka-Mitsuke (metro Sanno exit)
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Lawry's The Prime Rib Image

Lawry's The Prime Rib (ロウリーズ・ザ・プライムリブ 東京)

roast beef, prime rib
Elegant with a flair for the dramatic, Lawry's is just right for dates and special occasions. Staying faithful to the original Hollywood recipe, their prime rib is sliced in front of your eyes from a silver cart. Private rooms and bar available. Dinner from about ¥8,000. Menu in English and Japanese.
Address Akasaka Twin Tower East Tower B1-1F, 2-17-22 Akasaka, Minato-ku
tel 03-5114-8080
station Station: Tameike-Sanno (metro exit A12)
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Pita The Great Image

Pita The Great

falafel, pita sandwiches
Every city's gotta have at least one great falafel place, and Tokyo's answer is this appropriately named hideaway. Chewy, fluffy pita baked in-store every day, stuffed with vegetarian goodness like hummus. Prices are reasonable. Take-out and outdoor seating available. Sandwiches from ¥760. Menu in English and Japanese.
Address ATT Shinkan 2F, 2-11-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku
tel 03-5563-0851
station Station: Tameike-Sanno (metro exit 12)
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Kyubei Image

Kyubei (久兵衛)

One of the most famous luxury sushi restaurants in Japan, this restaurant opened in 1935 and has been loved by many artists, writers, politicians and other high-profile celebs over the years. They were the first to serve uni and ikura as sushi, and continue to use an original shari (the rice part of nigiri-sushi) recipe that calls for salt and vinegar to be mixed in, but not the commonly used sugar. Dinner from about ¥20,000. Menu in Japanese.
Address 8-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku
tel 03-3571-6523
station Station: Shinbashi (JR Ginza exit; metro exit 1)
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Maison Kayser at Coredo Nihonbashi Image

Maison Kayser at Coredo Nihonbashi (メゾンカイザー 日本橋)

bakery and café
Parisian newspaper Figaro ranked Maison Kayser's croissants #1 in France. The largest of the Japanese Maison Kayser branches, visitors of the Coredo Nihonbashi store will enjoy 'window shopping' these sweet and savory breads just as much as sampling them back at home (or at the adjoining café). Wine, cheese and deli foods available. Bakery is open early Monday through Saturday.
Address Coredo Nihonbashi B1, 1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
tel 03-3516-0030
station Station: Nihonbashi (metro, Toei Asakusa line exits B12, C1, C2), Mitsukoshimae (metro exit B6), Tokyo (JR Yaesu exit)
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Mariage Frères Image

Mariage Frères (マリアージュ フレール)

tea salon and shop
At this famous French tea shop, over 500 types of teas from around the world are lined along the shelves on the wall in characteristic black and platinum-colored tins. At the Salon de Thé upstairs, savory French dishes (which incorporate tea into the recipe) and an array of desserts are available to accompany your tea. The boutique on the ground floor is a great place to pick up trinkets and gifts for tea aficionados. Menu in Japanese with some English.
Address 5-6-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku
tel 03-3572-1854
station Station: Ginza (metro exit A1)
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