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Sweet Savoury Aroma Coffee in a Cup

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

In Japan, there are many ways to get your caffeine fix, from Starbucks to Doutor to Mr. Donuts. If you’re cheap like me though, you’ll get it from the combini. When I first got here, I was amazed at the little cans of hot coffee that are sold through the winter, but now I prefer the cold cup-like coffee that comes in specially shaped containers, made to look like the classy cuppa you’d get from Starbucks. They have a plastic top, which is just for show since the coffee is kept in by a foil seal. It’s another thing which has just become a signal to say ‘This is an expensive tasting cup of coffee’. My favourite for a long time has been Mount Rainer. It’s the cheapest (137 yen!) and tastes smooth and creamy, not like the harsh taste from canned milk coffee.

Expresso and Orzo