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Hara Hachibu

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

When you’re learning a foreign language, there are times when you learn a new phrase and then for the following week hear it constantly. Last week, my Japanese word was “Zeppin” (絶品, superb quality), after I ate a Lotteria Zeppin Burger. This week, it’s been “Hara Hachibu”.

I saw the kanji (腹八分) flash by on a tv show and was wondering what it meant, when a few days later an author from Berkeley called Michael Pollan mentioned it. He was giving a great talk about healthy eating and said that the Okinawans came up with this practice.

Haru Hachibu talks about eating until you’re eighty percent full, not until you’re absolutely 100% stuffed. Apparently it can add years to your life. Here’s a page explaining about it:

The incredibly interesting YouTube video is after the jump.